Our mission is to empower marginalized communities through engineering.

We believe software engineering is the key to upward mobility, we teach, mentor, give practical experience, place talent, and build applications for enterprise grade companies.

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Our values

We pride ourselves on being a mission driven international organization. Here are the principles that drive us.

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We nurture new ideas and encourage our employees to think out of the box. There is no one solution to all problems

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Professional Development

We provide resources for continual learning and skills enhancement to adapt to the changes in progressive technological advancements.

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Interdisciplinary Learning

We motivate ourselves to learn by making connections between ideas and concepts across different professional and academic disciplines.

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Training + Onboarding

Our training and onboarding has been meticulously designed to focus on new employees social and performance

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Activating Passions

Passion activates purpose. We strongly believe in creating a community that fuels your passion and ideas.

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Sense of Community

We strive to build a supportive community for developers to engage, share knowledge, motivate and grow into valuable assets.

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Project-Based Learning'

We believe in project based learning as the most effective means of delivering professional team driven experiences to students around the world'

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Diversity in STEM

Our priority for diversity and collaboration, has urged us to create an environment that fosters inclusivity and diversity of both cultures and perspective'

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Our mentorship program provides learning opportunities, expands your professional network and to gain new perspectives to build a successful career.

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Humanitarian Focused

We build products that at its core help people improve humanity

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We ignite entrepreneurship within minority communities as an avenue for innovation and upward mobility

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Software Engineering

We focus on shipping out industry grade software products

More than just a dev group, we are a global family ❤️

24/7 Support

We are constantly providing feedback, resources and support on telegram (& discord) through our countless topics!

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Regular Calls

We get on regular calls to where we teach each other the latest software industry trends on discord every week!

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