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Get your idea turned into a complete web application ready for market with our transparent task-based escrow system that gives you as client, the control over how your product is being built.

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    Submit Your Idea

  • - Submit your PROJECT PROPOSAL directly to a project manager.
  • - A MPA project manager will translate you requirements to a PROJECT QUOTE (budget, staffing, timeline, with a complete task break down and vesting schedule)
  • - You would be charge for a fee to project quotes.

    Approve Tasks

  • - Based on the DEFINITION OF DONE for complete tasks, approve them or submit them for review.
  • - Approval allows builders to directly get part of the budget PAID in $MINORITY. Do this until project is delivered. FINAL REVIEW
  • - If any disputes occur the Board of Project Managers settle it based on deliverables vs Definition of Done.

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